Sunday, 13 May 2012

Turning what you love into your career

Think of something you enjoy doing. Have you considered this as a possible career path?

David Sheehy did, and now he's at Murdoch studying Games Art and Design.

Prompted by a YouTube series called Extra Credit, which focuses on the Games Design industry, David started to consider his interest in gaming as more than just a spare time hobby.

To help him choose his area of study, David wanted to find out more about the industry and what kind of career he could have after studying this course at uni.

This meant lots of asking, talking and listening.

David spoke to people in the industry and found it helped a lot to hear the opinions of someone who had been working in the Gaming industry for ages. When he was 15 he was lucky enough to get an insiders sneak peak into places like WETA in New Zealand and the Eve Headquarters in Iceland, which gave him an impression of what it would be like to work in places like these after he graduated.

He also attended course career days and exhibitions and spoke to lecturers and met people who helped him confirm his decision.

By listening, asking and exploring the industry and being open to other ideas, you could find yourself somewhere unexpected but equally rewarding. David suggests not ignoring the wider options that are available, be open to different avenues and not just the places you initially think of.

David strongly believes that finding the course that's right for you is about figuring out what you enjoy:

How David Explored

By attending Murdoch's Open Your Mind Day and speaking to lecturers.
By talking to people in the industry.
By attending career expos and talking to reps from each uni and Tafe to see what they offered in Games Art.
By visiting the uni to get a feel for the campus.
By watching and reading things online to get a feel for the industry.

David's Pathway to Murdoch Uni


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  2. I appreciate the way David shared his thought process and the steps he took to turn his passion into his career. I find so many people I talk to just don't know where to start, this is a great example.

    As a child I had a great passion for creating jewelry, it was my first business venture at age 7. My path has now led me to a business in wholesale gemstones. It's so rewarding to do something I love everyday, it never feels like work!