Monday, 6 February 2012

How NOT to get lost on one of the biggest uni campuses in Australia

Bush Court @ Murdoch Uni

It’s always tricky coming to a new place and trying to figure out where everything is so we have compiled some very useful things to help you get a feel for what the campus is like and to make sure you don’t get lost during your first few weeks at Murdoch!

Uni campus’ are notorious for being impossible to navigate, Hogwarts is not the exception when it comes to hidden staircases, secret levels and winding passage ways. “How can I be on level 3?? I only went up 1 flight of stairs!” This is commonly heard in the Education building – be careful of that one, it is oddly shaped like an ‘H’ and you always come out with a complete loss of bearing. Can’t say we didn’t warn you!

People say we have a pretty nice campus, we tend to agree ;)

The Murdoch campus is large but filled with lots of awesome things. Our Bush court is the heart of it all and lends an Australian feel to the campus and you will always find students on the grass, enjoying the sun or the shade. We have a newly refurbished Tavern, a Japanese garden and a swimming pool!

Take the 360 tour and get a feel for what the campus is like.

For some of the more, shall we say peculiar, things you might find on campus, check out Student blogger Ben’s video.

Even if you think you can’t read them, take a map

OK, so reading maps isn’t everyone’s forte, but we do have a big campus and to get your bearings consult a map before you come! You can check out our online map here. If you have a smartphone then you can access our mobile map while you are on campus. Just access the Murdoch site on your phone and you will be directed to the mobile site automatically. Easy!

We like to give locations weird codes

So, you have a tute or lecture and you have been told to rock up to such and such, at X o’clock, in room SS2.05. Huh? 

Let’s break it down:

SS stands for the name of the building, in this case it is Social Science.

2 is the level you need to be on in that building.

And .05 is the room number.

Download this First year Find it postcard and print it out - it is really useful for new people as it has all the building names on it; so you can know what BS, EH and PS all stand for.

Take a Tour

During O-week there will be campus tours leaving from the library at different times throughout the day.

For more info, check out the New Student Orientation page!

If you do get lost, just ask someone else who is wandering around. Murdoch peeps are friendly folk and will be sure to help you out.

If the person you ask is also new and has no idea where they are, then at least you know you’re not alone!

For more info about starting as a new student at Murdoch visit our Student Life site.