Tuesday, 22 May 2012

On making changes and being a First Year student the second time round

When asked why he stuck out three whole years doing a Town Planning degree that he didn’t enjoy, Christian puts the question back to us. Plain and simple, we can all be afraid of change. Admitting we are not happy doing what we are doing and taking the step of altering our direction isn’t easy and Christian admits it was about finally plucking up the courage to say, actually I will decide what I want to do and I want to start writing.

Changing to a degree in English and Philosophy in the middle of the year and at a new uni put Christian in the interesting position of being a First Year student all over again, but this time he wasn’t a School Leaver and having more experience and confidence meant he felt more comfortable in classes.

Recognising that he didn’t want to keep going in the direction he was going was the first step. Realising he would rather study something creative and something that challenged him on “how to think, not what to think” was the deal breaker that lead him to finally make the switch to English.

His advice?

Christian's Pathway

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