Sunday, 16 December 2012

How to Change Your Preferences: A Visual Guide

They say change is a good thing.

Maybe you feel like the courses you put down as your preferences for Uni back in September are not quite right anymore?

A lot of things could have changed since then. 

Maybe you are feeling really confident after sitting your exams and you think that you could aim a little higher?

Or maybe you have discovered another course  that is more ‘you’ and more in line with following what you are interested in.

Or maybe you've had a chance to weigh up all the options available to you and decided "I don't want to do course 'x' anymore, I need to do course 'z' because I think I would LOVE it!"

That’s why you get the chance to change your preferences, once before results come out and then again after first round offers if you want to go in for the second round.

It’s not hard to do, but there are some key dates you should know. That’s why we created this handy diagram, to lay it all out and hopefully make it super straightforward!

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