Tuesday, 22 May 2012

It’s ok, you are allowed to change your mind

When he first came to uni, Jack Dawes picked what he thought was the right degree for him, Media with Screen and Sound at Murdoch. 

A semester in and he could tell it wasn't for him. It wasn't what he thought it would be and he just wasn't enjoying it. 

So he packed his bags and went on a uni exchange to Canada.

Jack says it wasn't hard to make the decision to change courses because he knew that he wanted to finish uni and now he felt like he had some more direction. 

Jack says it is really, really hard to choose what you want to do and even though he thought he was picking the right course the first time around, it still took him a few tweaks and changes along the way before he figured out a pathway that he felt good on. His advice is simply not to be afraid to make a choice and then it turns out to be the wrong thing.

His philosophy has always been to choose things he was interested in and just go for it, but he knows too that a lot of people just really have no idea what they want to do.

He also thinks it can be good to choose a 'general' degree if you aren't sure, like art, commerce or law. Something that isn't terribly specific because at the end of the degree you have had three extra years to think about what you want to do and you might have a better idea and then you can add something more specific to your degree or you can go out and get work in any number of fields.  

How Jack Explored

By attending Murdoch's Media Frenzy in year 10.

Spoke to friends who were doing law and who had graduated from law to get an idea of what they are up to now.
Came into the uni to chat with advisors.

Searched for course info online.
Went on exchange to get a new perspective.

Worked full-time in retail to think about what he really wanted to do.

Jack's Pathway

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  1. Brilliant pathway - destined to succeed! Estelle