Wednesday, 11 April 2012

If I did the same subject in year 12, do I have to repeat it in my degree??

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Another common question in our Advance Standing series is:
Q: I did chemistry in year 12 do I have to do it again in my degree? 

In some courses, there are prerequisite units in the first year that are similar in content as year 12 subjects, such as chemistry. These are usually put in the first year so students who did not study chemistry at high school can still do the course. If however you did do the subject at school and you achieved a mark of 60% or higher then you won’t have to do the prerequisite unit.

This will not make your degree shorter it just means you don’t have to do the prerequisite unit. You will then be able to complete the requirements of your degree as per your course structure. Take a look at your course structure in the handbook to find out what units you can choose from. 

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