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If I did the same subject in year 12, do I have to repeat it in my degree??

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Another common question in our Advance Standing series is:
Q: I did chemistry in year 12 do I have to do it again in my degree? 

In some courses, there are prerequisite units in the first year that are similar in content as year 12 subjects, such as chemistry. These are usually put in the first year so students who did not study chemistry at high school can still do the course. If however you did do the subject at school and you achieved a mark of 60% or higher then you won’t have to do the prerequisite unit.

This will not make your degree shorter it just means you don’t have to do the prerequisite unit. You will then be able to complete the requirements of your degree as per your course structure. Take a look at your course structure in the handbook to find out what units you can choose from. 

I’ve changed my course can I get credits on my new course?

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Another common question we get asked about Advanced Standing is around what can be applied to a new course when a current Murdoch student changes their degree.

Q: I’m a Murdoch student and have changed my course, what can be applied to my new degree?

There isn’t really a set answer for current Murdoch students who want to do an internal course transfer as it varies depending on your situation, the course you are currently doing and the course that you wish to transfer to.

You will need to speak to an Accreditation Officer to see what is possible. It will usually need to be discussed with the Academic Chair for your course area to see what can be applied to your new course and what path is best to follow. 

I have studied abroad and at another uni, can I apply for Advanced Standing?

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For those who get the travel bug, here are some common questions we get asked around receiving credits and exemptions (aka Advanced Standing) when you study overseas or at another uni:

Q: I have studied abroad can I apply for Advanced Standing?
Q: I have done some study at another uni, can I apply for Advanced Standing? 
Q: I want to study some units at another uni and then accredit them back to my course at Murdoch? (yes, this is essentially the same question as both of the above) 

Some folk like to study the majority of their degree at one uni (their home uni) but attend another uni (the host uni) for some time during their degree. This often comes about when students travel abroad, for example, they may go and study one semester in the UK. This is referred to as study abroad and to apply to be hosted by Murdoch you must fill out the study abroad/exchange application form.

Some students don’t travel they just go and study at another uni in Australia for a semester or so. This is generally because there is a particular unit relevant to their degree that they are interested in that isn’t offered by their home uni. Prior approval is required for Murdoch students to undertake studies at another institution.

Anyway, we can offer Advanced Standing in these situations so you get credit for, or exemptions from the units you studied at your host uni (obviously it has to be related to your course at Murdoch). To apply you must fill out the special cross-institutional form

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Can I use my Tafe qualification to get credits on my Murdoch degree?

We get lots of students asking us how they can get credits or exemptions on their uni course from their TAFE studies. Credits and exemptions equal what the uni world calls Advanced Standing. Below are two popular questions answered:

Q: I have a Certificate III or IV from TAFE, can I apply for Advanced Standing?

No. You must have at least an AQF (Australian Qualification Framework) level 5 Diploma or equivalent to apply for Advanced Standing. If you have done a Certificate IV or less it does not provide you with any credits or exemptions for your course at Murdoch.

Q: I have a Diploma from TAFE can I apply for Advanced Standing?

The successful completion of an AQF level 5 Diploma or equivalent means you may be able to receive a credit or exemption. Bear in mind that the Diploma must meet the criteria from the AFQ. Some overseas Diplomas are different and do not match the AQF, therefore they will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Murdoch has articulation arrangements with some external institutions so students who complete certain qualifications can apply straight into a related course at Murdoch and receive some credit or exemption.

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