Wednesday, 11 April 2012

I have studied abroad and at another uni, can I apply for Advanced Standing?

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For those who get the travel bug, here are some common questions we get asked around receiving credits and exemptions (aka Advanced Standing) when you study overseas or at another uni:

Q: I have studied abroad can I apply for Advanced Standing?
Q: I have done some study at another uni, can I apply for Advanced Standing? 
Q: I want to study some units at another uni and then accredit them back to my course at Murdoch? (yes, this is essentially the same question as both of the above) 

Some folk like to study the majority of their degree at one uni (their home uni) but attend another uni (the host uni) for some time during their degree. This often comes about when students travel abroad, for example, they may go and study one semester in the UK. This is referred to as study abroad and to apply to be hosted by Murdoch you must fill out the study abroad/exchange application form.

Some students don’t travel they just go and study at another uni in Australia for a semester or so. This is generally because there is a particular unit relevant to their degree that they are interested in that isn’t offered by their home uni. Prior approval is required for Murdoch students to undertake studies at another institution.

Anyway, we can offer Advanced Standing in these situations so you get credit for, or exemptions from the units you studied at your host uni (obviously it has to be related to your course at Murdoch). To apply you must fill out the special cross-institutional form

Find out more about Advanced Standing, credits and exemptions.

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