Sunday, 6 November 2011

Preparing for WACE exams: tips for using old exam papers

It might seem like a pretty straightforward task, but there are some tricks to using old WACE exam papers. One of the biggest traps is using the old exam paper as the ultimate guide to what you should be studying, but really, the WACE syllabus is your best bet because it includes ALL the possible content you may have to answer questions about. If you haven't already got a syllabus, ask your teacher or download them here.

Past exam papers for all written exams are available from the School Curriculum and Standards Authority website.

Answers are not provided because it is recommended that once you have practiced the exam you go through it with your teacher. If you are studying with friends you could also compare how you answered questions and go through them together.

Below are some pointers for using old exam papers from year 12 teacher and WACE marker Graham Braid. You may remember Graham’s tips and reminders in this top tips for maths post.

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