Thursday, 10 November 2011

Studying can be a pain in the neck; try these simple stretches to improve your concentration

Sometimes when we have been sitting down for a lengthy period of time concentrating super hard on something, we forget how long it has been since we got up and had a move around. That’s when we start to get cricks in our necks, back pain, sore eyes and even headaches.

Ideally you will have put some time aside in your day to get some exercise – walking the dog, a game of soccer in the park with friends, karate chops, lawn bowls – whatever it is that gets you active and that will give you some personal time to rejuvenate, clear your mind and stay healthy, which all helps you study stronger when you sit back down to work.

Murdoch School of Chiropractic and Sports Science Dean and Associate Professor Brian Nook advises that you can "minimise your muscle fatigue and improve your level of concentration during your studies by maintaining good posture and regular stretching.”

We pulled together some handy guides below to help you to do this. Perhaps set intervals so you remember to move, for example every hour or at the end of a chapter, put down your pen and spend a few minutes stretching at your desk. It’s pretty simple and you will notice a world of difference!

Simple desk stretches for your back, neck, shoulders and eyes (yes! your eyes need exercising too!)
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From The Kikutown AV Club

Desk Yoga

Oh wouldn't it be nice if you could study in this environment? Maybe slightly destracting... but some really good strectches in this short video from yoga instructor Rodney Yee that will make your shoulders feel sooooooo much better! Namaste.

Desk excercises in under 5 minutes

These excerises from Woman's Day Health Editor are a bit more about building strength but this is important too and in the video she makes it really clear how to do the exercises and they are so simple!

 Let us know how these work for you and if you have any other great desk workout/stretch tips do share!

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