Monday, 24 October 2011

How to maximise productivity in your study space

When it’s time to put your thinking caps on, choose a study spot where you are inspired to get work done.
 We wanted to share this great article with you all from the 99 percent website on increasing productivity as it can also apply to studying for WACE exams. It’s good to consider the environment where you choose to study and what distractions are nearby.

The article isn’t crazy long so if you can have a quick read do, but for the seriously time deprived amongst you, here are the key take-outs:

1. The places where you do study (or attempt to study) will naturally draw you into that ‘study’ state because your brain has learned that when you sit in that place you are in ‘study’ mode. For example a desk in your bedroom.

2. Associate places with activities and keep a consistent link between place and behaviour e.g. study at your desk but move to the lounge room to enjoy free time such as checking Facebook, talking on the phone or watching a movie.

3. Keep all the tools you need organised together and within arm’s reach - this means you won’t need to keep getting up to get something which distracts you from your task. For example if you are studying for Maths, have all your calculators, rulers, pencils, erasers and pens nearby and ready to go.

4. Be aware of what motivates you and what distracts you, for example do you work better with or without music playing? Are you less likely to distract yourself if you turn off your phone and disconnect from the internet?

5. Make the space you study in a place that you don’t mind being in and make sure you can be comfortable there. Keep the area free from clutter and perhaps add inspiring pictures or quotes on the wall nearby – these can help to motivate, but also add a sense of place to the area that you choose to study – which leads back to the first take-out above.

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