Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Top tips for your WACE Economics exam

“You can only achieve 10% in the exam with the text book”

Looking for more general advice on using past exam papers? Read our post on how you can use them to study effectively!

This is true for most subjects as expanding your general knowledge on the area will help you to provide real life examples and case studies in your essays. 

So for all you future economists out there you may find these online resources useful in broadening your understanding of economies and current market situations:
The Financial Review – we suspect you already are onto this one but here’s the link anyway. You could even get all old school about it and buy the paper version (yes it exists!) and read it over breakfast, it will make you appear super smart as you sip your morning OJ.

The Economist – to expand your general knowledge of the world and all its economical situations. Good for compiling some current case studies to use in your essays.

Greg Mankiw Blog – Although targeted toward students studying Economics at uni, this blog presents information often in a light hearted way. Greg describes his blog as “random observations for students of economics” and you might enjoy the various videos and cartoons that he uses to dissect information.

Try this video on the 10 principles of economics. It made us chuckle. Who knew economics could be such fun?

Have more fun practicing with the 2012 WACE Economics exam paper.

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