Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Using previous uni qualifications to apply for a new course

In this video our friendly Student Centre advisor Tanya explains how and when you would use your previous uni qualifications to apply for uni at Murdoch.

Key tips from this video about previous uni study

  • Once you start uni you are not locked in! You can switch courses and you can change universities to find the course that is right for you.
  • We look at your highest level of prior learning, so once you have done at least two units of uni study we no longer consider other qualifications you may have, such as an ATAR score or Tafe. This also means you do not need to sit the STAT test!
  • There is no expiry on uni study, we will consider you for entry forever – however it may not be valid to gain credits or Advanced Standing
  • If you are switching courses or took some time out of uni and now want to come back and do a different course, you can possibly get some credits toward your new degree if it wasn’t too long ago.
How you should go about applying

You apply through TISC to start Semester 1 and apply using our online form if you want to commence in Semester 2 (Mid year start).

Exceptions to the rule

Courses like Law, Chiro, Vet and Psych honours require a certain level of qualifications, so come and chat to us about this or any other queries you may have about how you may qualify for Murdoch.

Read other students stories about changing courses and changing unis

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