Monday, 19 December 2011

VIDEO: the most common questions we get asked when ATAR results are released

Waiting for ATAR results and then actually finding out your ATAR score can be a pretty nerve racking time overall, but remember you are not alone!

No matter what your score, if you are feeling completely baffled about what you want to do, try not to FREAK OUT, you are still in the position of creating your own future path with endless possibilities.

If you find your ATAR score is not quite what you expected, it can mean having to re-think some things. This can be mind boggling we know, and really, lots of students find it becomes so much clearer when they come and see us. Our Student Advisors are staying in over the holiday period so you can come in for a chat now.

If your ATAR is a tad lower than you were hoping, don’t worry, doors are by no means closed for you, it just means you may have to go on a different path to get into your dream course – there are quite a few options and we can walk you through all of those too!

If you got a higher ATAR then you thought you would (go you!) you might just be sweet to leave your preferences as they are and sit back and wait to accept your offer. Or if you are rethinking your choices, take a look at our list of ATAR cut offs to get an idea of the courses you might be eligible for with your score.

So, just come in and see us in our Student Centre and ask us as many questions as you like. Chances are, we’ve heard them all before ;)

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