Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Top Tips Roundup: a summary of key advice from the WACE preparation seminars

To help year 12s prepare for Maths exams we asked expert Graham Braid to share his top study tips with you. Graham is a year 12 maths teacher at Canning College and has marked Year 12 WACE Mathematics Exams for 6 years. Through his time he’s seen some fantastic exam results, which he thinks is a result of students  doing as many practice questions as they can, and starting a solid study program at least 4 weeks before the exam.
Here are Graham’s 9 Top Tips to a great study plan for Mathematics :
  1. Download the Mathematics Syllabus from the School Curriculum and Standards Authority and check-off every thing (check for any changes made to the syllabus).
  2. Build up your confidence by doing problems you’re good at – gradually get better by tackling harder ones.
  3. Do everything from your textbook – and only check the answers when you get stuck.
  4. Use your teacher!  If you don’t understand something – make sure they explain it to you.
  5. Use the Academic Associates Study Guides, or free online tutoring programs such as Maths Online.
  6. Put together exam notes as you study.  Piece together your 2x A4 written exam notes as you go - include worked examples you know are right.
  7. Practice in exam conditions – no music, internet, or TV - use only what you’re allowed in a exam. Give yourself a time limit and stick to it!
  8. Test yourself.  In the week or two before your exam, complete a 2012 WACE Mathematics exam paper  under exam conditions.  Check any areas you need to work at.
  9. Do lots and lots (and lots) of questions! 

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